Wrestling 102: Entrances Part 2

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Wrestling 102 rolls forward as we conclude our lesson of spectacular entrances. Previously, we have featured entrances that are notable for their entertainment value and execution. The same is true for our final five, however not all entrances are notable for positive reasons. Here are five more entries that, for better or worse are prime examples of what can make… or break a wrestler’s first impression.

Shawn Michaels Wrestlemania 25 Descent Entrance

A man reborn after giving his life to Jesus Christ, Shawn Michaels was certainly a new character. There were subtle hints to his new life serving his lord; crosses adorned his entrance attire, his entrance now contained a moment of prayer and his involvement in story lines took a far less raunchy and sexual tone. Michaels was still “The Heartbreak Kid” at heart… the kid has just grown up a bit.

Entering the ring to face his nemesis, The Undertaker at the biggest show of the year, Michaels certainly needed to make a lasting impression. In his head, it was likely known that not much time in WWE would follow, a unique and visually impressive entrance ensured that was already a match for the ages would be cemented in history.

Undertaker Pyrotechnics Accident During Elimination Chamber

Most wrestling fans remember the horrifying accident involving Jeff Harvey and his entrance pyrotechnics, however WWE would rather you forget that one of their top stars was almost burned to death during an entrance to a pay per view.

As you can see from the clip above, a blast of fire literally shot up from the entrance ramp and blasted Undertaker in the face. According to Chris Jericho, this was the work of a careless worker, one who surely no longer works for WWE. Thankfully, no one was seriously hurt during the incident, however it does speak values to the danger that these men and women put themselves in every week. In addition, I would like to remind you that Undertaker would go on to finish that match, burned face and all.

Macho Man and Bobby Heenan Entering the Ring at Wrestlemania 9

What is considered by many to be the worst Wrestlemania, through the wonder of hindsight becomes apparent through watching Macho Man and Bobby Heenan’s entrances. Accompanied to the ring by “vestal virgins” Macho Man approaches the ring as he should have; carried to the ring by shirtless men while half naked women feed him grapes. It’s very fitting.

Then, as almost a reminder that we are essentially watching a live action cartoon, Bobby Heenan appears riding backwards on a camel… one that was preceded by a man carrying a falcon and an ostrich. Comic relief is acceptable in small doses, but to believe that a man as Smart as Bobby Heenan would mount a camel backwards and ride it to the ring is a bit tough to swallow.

Adam Rose Makes his Presence Known: Raw, May 5th 2014

Adam Rose should be Intercontinental Champion right now. Goldust’s cryptic tweets attacking Kevin Owens should be directed at Adam Rose. Anyone who follows my commentary knows my love for Adam Rose and his brand of character and my disdain for the lack of a push that the man has received, however the decision to remove the presence of the Rosebuds from his characters is evident that WWE creative never wanted this man to succeed.

A character and entrance as notable and unique as Adam Rose is quite difficult to come by. Conversely, screwing up such an awesome character requires a certain amount of thought and effort. Review his high octane and visually appealing entrance of the early days and compare it to his current entrance and you will come to the same conclusion. Adam Rose is a prime example of an removing one of the pillars and the sad, disappointing result.

John Cena High School Marching Band Entrance: Wrestlemania 24

Sure to be filed under: Things that sound better on paper, John Cena entered his triple threat contest against Randy Orton and Triple H to the sounds of a high school marching band. The band played what one must assume is his theme song, “The Time is Now.” While the band certainly cannot be faulted for their performance, it is very clear from the video above that without pyro, acknowledgment from Cena himself or any sort of spectacular build up, the performance feels rather flat.

And that, eagle eared viewers are ten examples of entrances that for one reason or another are notable. While there are hundreds, even thousands of memorable or spectacular entrances that should be commended, I must leave you with one that stands above the rest. One entrance so ground breaking that it is forever ingrained in my memory as the greatest entrance of all time. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, God entering the ring to “Somebody Call My Momma:” Backlash, 2006.

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