Stream Police: USA, A-OK Edition

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Yesterday was America’s birthday. While we’re still hungover on the celebration of all things Red White and Blue, why not indulge in some movies and TV that represent all things ‘Murica. So, lets get out of this dreadful summer sun and kick back with the best of Netflix that mirrors life in these United States.

Would You Rather

While get rich quick schemes seem more inline with the likes of Nigeria than the USA, our culture of easy money is on full display on this independent horror film. Twelve indivuals who are down on their luck find themselves embroiled in a violent game of Would You Rather where the choices typically range from violent to more violent. At under an hour and half, its a rather easy watch and there’s enough shocks to keep you glued to the screen.

Watch if you like: Hostel, B Movies, Saw 2

Beavis and Butt-Head Do America

At one point in the 90s, Beavis and Butt-Head ruled this country. In school yards and offices alike, this precursor to South Park and other adult cartoons dominated conversations was must watch TV. This movie served as the apex of the series, a culmination of years of in jokes and toilet humor. It’s a great watch and is an excellent jot down memory lane.

Watch if you like: South Park, Jackass, Celebrity Deathmatch

The Truman Show

Especially in today’s environment, fame and the pursuit of it is a central part of our American culture. One could argue that The Truman Show was the catalyst for that fascination of the thought of having all eyes on you, despite not possessing any discernible talent. For an older person, this can be a tough movie to watch at times.

Watch if you like: Bojack Horseman, Kingpin, The Cable Guy

Django Unchained

Sometimes life isn’t fair. There was a time that life in these United States was anything but fair for several groups of people in this country. Carrying Quentin Tarantino’s signature style, this violent love letter to the western genre is a great date movie and stands as one of Tarantino’s best.

Watch if you like: Deadwood, Tarantino, Westerns


This is another film that is a visual time capsule for life in these United States. Swordfish hype spread throughout the country like wildfire thanks to a blockbuster performance by Halle Berry and a bunch of other people. As an exercise in journalistic integrity, I’m obligated to tell you I’ve never seen the beginning… or the middle or end of this film in it’s entirety. However, The twenty seconds of the film that I have seen, I’ve watched upwards of a thousand different times.

Watch if you like: Tilted Kilt, Debra McMichales, Big ‘Uns

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