What Did You Expect?: ‘Undisputed’ Review

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So, looks like my high hopes for June-Jitsu being a not so horrible month of the film because of last week’s movie being great, have been dashed. Now, we all know martial arts movies have some amazing entries, with the likes of Bruce Lee, Jet Li, Jackie Chan and a dozen other martial artists who are halfway decent actors making good films. It can be disappointing to realize that looking at the entirety of the genre; you find a disappointing pile of clichéd schlock reminiscent of the equally diseased horror genre.

A prime example of glorified, formulaic, unoriginal and uninspired, Undisputed takes two of the easiest to fuck up sub-genres of the film, mashes them together and unsurprisingly, fucks it up. After world heavyweight champion “Iceman” (Ving Rhames) is convicted of sexual assault, he must survive the harsh prison world and battle it out with reigning prison boxing champ, Monroe Hutchen (Wesley Snipes).

Filled with more cheesy one-liners and dated hip-hop cameos than CD changers in the 90’s, this film is a vegetable waiting to be cut off life support. Despite being helmed by veteran filmmaker Walter Hill, it’s a struggle to discern at any point in this movie, who the protagonist is. Are we supposed to root for the questionably convicted Iceman or the underdog champ Hutchen whose prison attitudes are both nauseatingly stale and painfully dull? It seems the only struggle the film accurately conveys is not one between two boxers; it’s between the audience and the film. As one tries to grapple the other into submission and choke it to death with run-of-the-mill training montages and a barrage of topical references that won’t make sense in any time other than the late 90’s.

Do you like bad rap music? Do you enjoy contrived plot points and characters lacking any personality or development? Do you shiver with excitement at the thought of watching Wesley Snipes beat his fleeting Hollywood relevance into your skull with drab and colorless monologs?

If you do, stop hating yourself, Wesley Snipes isn’t worth it – and neither is this movie.

Final Say: Skip It

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