June-Jitsu: Our Look at Martial Arts Films

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With our Werner Herzog retrospective wrapped up, it’s time to move onto the world of martial arts films. From the technical artistry that is Bruce Lee’s Game of Death to the prop-based action of Jackie Chan, martial arts films span the gamut of both genres and backgrounds. It’s going to be an interesting month with a little bit of something for every fan of hard-hitting action, and maybe even some Steven Seagal thrown in for good measure.

We’ll also be taking a break from martial arts films to talk the two new ONM (obligatory new movies) of the month: X-Men Apocalypse and Warcraft.

Week 1

Wednesday: Shaolin Soccer

Thursday ONM Kulturecast: X-Men: Apocalypse  

Friday: Unleashed

Saturday: Ninja Assassin

Week 2

Monday Kulturecast: Game of Death with author Russ Linton

Tuesday: The Quest

Wednesday: Undisputed

Thursday Kulturecast: Ip Man

Friday: Bloodsport

Saturday: Rumble in the Bronx

Week 3

Monday Kulturecast: Mortal Kombat with wrestling critic Marc Hall and Wovoka

Tuesday: Once Upon a Time in China

Wednesday: Kickboxer

Thursday Kulturecast: Under Siege with podcaster Mike White

Friday: The Karate Kid (2010)

Saturday: High Risk

Week 4

Monday: WarCraft with Quinn Fleming

Tuesday: Hard Target

Wednesday: Fighting

Thursday: The Raid with film critic Ash Suri

Friday: Shanghai Noon

Saturday: Kung Fu Panda 3

Week 5

Monday: Ong Bak with film critic Ben Hanig, Quinn Fleming, and Candace Perez

Tuesday: Dragon Eyes

Wednesday: Man with the Iron Fists

Thursday: The One with film critic Oscar Moreno and Zach Nowack

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