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Posted in The Screening Room by - May 16, 2016

After a relatively unfunny week at 0069 KS Tower, It appears that our schedule is finally back to normal. If this week has taught me anything its that sometimes you have to stop, throw up your hands, close your eyes and laugh. Sometimes all you can do is laugh…

In a different life, I was a much larger fan of stand up than I find myself these days. Current stand up specials involve previously recorded skits and carefully choreographed camera shots and very safe humor. However, even if your favorite talent has “sold out,” there remains a bevy of stand up specials to carry you through your darkest day, or loneliest night.

Grab the Ben and Jerry’s (God help you if you don’t grab Blondie Ambition) and pack that bowl kiddos! These are five stand up specials you should watch this week.

Jimmy Carr: Funny Business

Deadpan and edgy, Jimmy Carr is the modern day Mitch Hedburg, delivering the crowd pleasing one-liner in quick succession. His humor is often crass and taboo, a primary reason I find myself drawn to Carr when in the mood for stand-up comedy. Comedy Central veterans may remember Carr from his hosting duties from a short-lived game show, Distraction.

Watch if you like: Ricky Gervais, Mitch Hedberg, Steven Wright

Craig Ferguson: I’m Here to Help

Perhaps it’s his irreverent style or his erratic behavior, I find myself drawn to Ferguson as a stand up talent. While the set is fairly tame, Ferguson keeps audiences on their toes as he treads tried and true stand up winners like penises and Hitler. Beware, if you’re not familiar with his accent, you may want to pay close attention.

Watch if you like: The Office, David Letterman, Situation Comedies

Joan Rivers: Don’t Start With Me

There is nothing to be said about this stand-up special. Joan Rivers is the funniest person that has ever walked the face of this planet. End of discussion. Don’t Start With Me is vintage Rivers. Her takedowns of Hollywood starlets are spot on, and her delivery, and comedic timing is spot on. What’s more, the joy and genuine pleasure she gains from performing on stage are on full display in this special, making watching her all the more enjoyable.

Watch if you like: Laughing

Jim Gaffigan: Beyond the Pale

Beyond the Pale is proof that just about anything can be made funny if you have excellent delivery and the ability to work a room. A brief look at the subject list reads more like a Krusty the Klown set than one of a comedy special. However, through Gaffigan, the mundane becomes hilarious as his talent for showmanship is on full display.

Watch if you like: Tig Notoro, Bill Burr, Richard Jeni

Eddie Murphy: Delierious

To know the future, you must know your roots, and Eddie Murphy played a big role in the revolution of Stand Up. If you’re unfamiliar with the history of Black stand up comedy, this is as good of entry point as any. Put the kids to bed before watching this one though folks. This one earns its rock hard, veiny “R” rating.

Watch if you like: Chapelle’s Show, Chris Rock, Profanity

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