‘Bending the Rules’ Review: Warm Maple Syrup

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As if reading my fellow staff writers’ reviews wasn’t enough, I too, was forced to experience the horrors that are low-budget, minimal production effort, WWE Studios movies. At least G.I Joe: Retaliation and Blade had their names and nostalgia going for them. Not once in my conscious life have I thought to myself, “You know who’d be a great actor and should totally be a star in his own movie? Edge; no, not the guitarist. The guy in tights.” 

So, this is going to be short and painless (unlike the movie). In Bending the Rules, Nick Blades (Edge) is a suspended cop on trial for corruption being prosecuted by assistant district attorney of New Orleans, Theo Gold (Jamie Kennedy). In a zany (not really) turn of events, the two are forced to work together to work a case only the two of them can solve together. Formulaic, half-assed buddy cop movie meets bad jokes and even worse executions. Aren’t you just itching to waste a precious hour and a half of your (all too short – a realization I’ve come to after watching this movie) life on this film’s shameless and egregious displays of pathetic comedy and even worse acting?

You might think I’m too harsh, hopefully most of you have just as little faith in WWE Studios as I do. I don’t think I laughed once during the course of this film. No amount of ridiculous gimmicks, copy paste jokes and physical (-ly nauseating) humor could summon even a light chuckle. Even the brain dead script and acting ability of the collective cast wasn’t enough to make it “so bad it’s good.” Perhaps that’s because that whole shtick has finally gotten old; however, it’s probably because I abhor Edge and just about every “actor” in the WWE save a few (Rock you beautiful bastard). To put it gently, Edge makes Jamie Kennedy look like a good actor in this movie.

Just don’t waste your time even thinking about this film in the slightest capacity. This film is nestled in the dark underbelly of formulaic, uninspired and almost sickening comedies. To wrap up, it’s pretty fucking bad.

Final Verdict: Skip It

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