‘See No Evil 2’ Review: Get off the Dead Guy

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This week on Kulture Shocked’s Suplexing the Silver Screen, I’ve been assigned to review See No Evil 2 from 2014. I’m not sure what’s up with the sequels, but fine. It was produced by the WWE Studios, and was released straight to DVD. It was shot in 15 days. As I began the movie, I was not expecting much. I was not surprised.

See No Evil stars WWE Superstar Kane as he terrorizes a group of petty criminals in a run down motel that they were, for some reason, assigned to clean as part of their community service. Its sequel is pretty much the same thing except that instead of a group of petty criminals being murdered, it’s an undertaker and her friends that chose to attend her birthday party at the morgue. Danielle Harris plays Amy, the undertaker. The film takes place hours after the original, as the undertaker and her co-workers are forced to process the dead bodies from the first film. Kane returns from the dead as a a couple are having sex beside his corpse, and he immediately kills the male. The film follows a relatively standard series of steps from then on, with Kane murdering people with his fleshing knife and his bare hands. If previous WWE Studios productions had faired a little better, I might go so far as to give the writers credit and assume that they had intentionally made a horror movie parody. Unfortunately, that hasn’t been the case, and I have to assume that the “anyone that’s mildly immoral dies”, the “invincible serial killer with mommy issues”, and other similar tropes are simply decisions made because the writers were making the easiest possible movie. Kane seems to teleport around at random, a super power that many cliché filled horror movie writers grant to their unkillable killers to save on plot hole filler.

Unlike The Condemned 2, See No Evil 2 uses less high end gadgets to get cool shots, and focuses more on standard blood and gore visuals and dark creepy hallways to set the tone. Light sources shift and change at random with every change of the camera angle and everything is tinted in various shades of green and yellow. Unfortunately for a movie so focused on gore, the sequel seemed to lose some of the special effects budget of the original, instead composing a majority of the deaths little more than open wounds and a blood pump.

All in all, See No Evil 2 is little more than a sub standard horror flick, with few noteworthy death scenes, a by the numbers plot, stereotypical characters, and Kane choking people to death. There are far better horror movies out there.

Final Say: Skip It

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