Stream Police: The Netflix and Chill Edition

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Gaea recently bore her teeth to the nation, dumping feet of snow across the Northeast, bringing New England to it’s knees. Meanwhile, Kulture Shocked’s neck of woods deals with sub zero temps, ice storms and periodic freezing drizzle. What a time to be alive. Unfortunately, both in my state and the Northeast, people have lost their lives in this storm, a tragically unfunny fact to bring up in what is normally a tragically funny weekly feature.

For those of us fortunate enough to have electricity, running water and some sort of device with a screen can take advantage of Old Man Winter’s last gasp by taking part in a craze sweeping the globe; Netflix and Chill.

Full disclaimer; As I am the most charismatic, talented and modest man alive, I have no need of Netflix to get to the most important (and fun) portion of the equation, the “chill.” But for those of you that didn’t put all of their SPECIAL points into charisma as I have, Netflix can be the perfect gateway for a fun and memorable way to spend a night, sheltered away from the horrors outdoors.

A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge

There is perhaps no better way to spend a night curled up in each other’s arms than taking in a horror movie. Many fans memories of this film aren’t exactly the most positive. However, with decent kills, a pinch of humor and old fashioned slasher style suspense, Nightmare 2 builds upon the original as Freddy’s character is expanded upon. Don’t expect the same camp and wonder you may have experienced from the first film. Go into this one with an open mind and you’ll surely walk away satisfied.

Blue is the Warmest Colour

Clocking in at nearly three hours, for some this may be a tad long of a commitment. Remember though, there’s 20 feet of snow outside and you have a mission to accomplish. Young, awkward teenager Adele experiences her first love, and attraction towards her openly gay friend all the while trying fight off not only the harsh reality of youth, but the world around her at large. No other film has portrayed the idea that the world is against you better than this movie.

This is required watching for anyone with any shred of a soul as this film is at it’s best, the apex of the slice of life, coming of age genre. At it’s worst, it’s a tear jerking reminder of the heartbreak and loss of love and life in general. For anyone who has ever wondered what the gay experience is like… this is the film that portrays it best… We are unique in the fact that in youth (and in some cases adulthood) we can go from having everything to nothing by the sheer utterance of three simple words.

The Best of Me

Pro Tip: For straight couples (and I assume lesbians,) anything using Nicholas Sparks as source material is sure to lead you straight under the covers. In this movie, a strapping young hunk returns home after the death of his father and catches up with his high school sweetheart… who is now married. I assume there’s more plot to this movie and an ending to this movie at some point, but it doesn’t really matter because believe me, you won’t get to it.

Across The Universe

Next to The Notebook, I can’t think of a better film that encompasses the spirit of Netflix and Chill. Across the Universe is unique in the sense that the plot and music are all either directly ripped from or inspired by the work of British pop group, The Beatles. For music lovers, part of the experience is in identifying the source material of a certain scene or song. For the rest of us, the tried and true story of love and loss defying both distance and time is sure to keep the night going for hours to come.

Fireplace for Your Home: Birchwood Edition

When all else fails and your Netflix and Chill mission appears to be spiraling out of control, there is always the nuclear option. Showcasing all the sounds and sights of a roaring fire, without any of the actual heat, Fireplace for Your Home: Birchwood Edition along with a heavy dose of hot cocoa and small chit chat is the one surefire way to make your snow day a memorable one. Never fear, if birch wood doesn’t get that kitty purring, alternate episodes feature what appears to be a pine log, and a secluded meandering river. Future episodes include a burning mound of ash wood and a John Deere tractor tire.

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