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The return of the critically acclaimed Bojack Horseman brought a lot of eyes back to the bevy of top notch animation available on streaming giant, Netflix. However, the big red monster isn’t allowed to have all the fun. There are thousands of hours of top notch animation available on Hulu Plus. Here are five you should be watching this week.

Rick and Morty

I must give credit for this selection to our Editor-in-Chief, Chris Stachiw. During the few clips and promos I’ve seen for this show, I dismissed it as merely another crappy Adult Swim show along the lines of Metalocalypse or the unbearable program, Squidbillies. Rick and Morty is not one of those shows. Following the adventures of awkward teenage boy, Morty, and his genius/alcoholic grandfather, Rick, as they travel across dimensions in search of adventure. While the straitlaced Morty and his family provide great back up, the primary source of humor in the series is Rick. His eccentric and over the top dialog appears to randomly fluctuate between improv and script, as he frequently repeats and stammers through words and belch talks during dialog. Writer, creator and lead actor Justin Roliand shines in all roles as he weaves together this surprisingly funny and superbly witty cartoon.

Watch if you like: South Park, The Simpsons, Family Guy,

Axe Cop

The Axe Cop web comic is now the stuff of legend. Created by Ethan Nicolle and written by his then 5 year old brother Malachai Nicolle, The Axe Cop comic introduced us to titular character Axe Cop and his assistant Flute Cop as they battle zombies, dinosaurs, and other “Bad Guys”, while trying to solve crimes and save the day. Now, imagine if this web comic was a television program. While the writing team is a bit more diverse, the voice actors give an unexpected complexity to an already convoluted plot. If you’re a fan of the bizarre, and of top notch delivery, settle down with the first season and ready yourself for a rather unique experience.

Watch if you like: Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Venture Brothers, Archer


For those that may have felt the show lost it’s way with the premier of the season 5 sub plot, Archer: Vice, you’re not alone. While I’m not yet completed with Archer: Vice, I’m not impressed. However, what Vice has accomplished is rekindling my love and interest with the series beforehand. H. Jon Benjamin’s portrayal of super spy/mamma’s boy, Sterling Archer, has quickly made it to the top of many a critic’s choice lists. With the help of stellar writing and an insanely talented supporting cast, Archer is a show that will have you stringing episodes together for an entire afternoon… a difficult task to accomplish for a comedy program. If its been a while or you’ve yet to be introduced to the super spies of the International Secret Intelligence Service, make time for Archer this weekend.

Watch if you like: Arrested Development, Sealab 2021, Rick and Morty, The Office

Adventure Time

Carrying on the tradition of “Adult” themes of trailblazers before it like Rocko’s Modern Life and Ren and Stimpy, Adventure Time is rarely for children. Created for guys like us, Adventure Time centers around Finn the Human and his magical, shape shifting dog, Jake, as they traverse across the post apocalyptic land of Ooo. While the content may appear geared towards the young in form, its truly produced for the young in spirit. Don’t believe me? Watch the scene in which the walking and talking portable video game device is fondling his joystick (a literal joystick of course) in the corner of the room and is accused of playing with himself.

Watch if you like: Regular Show, Invader Zim, The Amazing World of Gumball


While the dialog may be well beyond dated, and those out of high school may not be able to resonate with the socially awkward Daria Morgendorffer, we can all relate to her disdain for humanity. This legendary animated series loosely set in the Beavis and Butthead universe tells the story of the titular character as she struggles with juggling dating, friendships and family all while trying to stumble through high-school as an alienated social outcast. Smarter than everyone else in the room, this queen of sarcasm was a trailblazer for any of us “Gen Xers” that struggled to find our way in the late 90s.

Watch if you like: Invader Zim, Beavis and Butthead, Strangers With Candy, Stella

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