Stream Police: I’m Back From Cabo Edition

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This week’s suggestions will feature the usual eclectic collection of things that are worth watching if you’re bored and have a Netflix subscription. 


A bizarre look into the cult mentality, Faults follows Leland Orser as an expert in reverting people back to society after they have fallen prey to cults. He is hired by a couple who have a daughter, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, who joined a mysterious cult known only as “Faults”. What follows next is a bizarre and unique take on a slowly deteriorating psyche, and an unsettling relationship between the two leads as manipulation is shown in a fascinating way on screen. This is definitely a gem that can’t be missed.

For Fans Of: Psychological thrillers, The Sound of My Voice

Fading Gigolo

Directed by and starring John Turturro, Fading Gigolo is the story of a florist who is convinced by his friend (the always hilarious Woody Allen) to start a gigolo business. This all takes place in a Jewish community within New York, so there are some quirky characters about like Liev Schrieber’s Hasidic policeman. It’s a story less about being a gigolo, and more about the complexity of loneliness. Fading Gigolo is an unusually sweet movie that features great performances from its two leads. 

For Fans Of: Woody Allen, John Turturro, Oddball Comedies

The Interview

The movie that almost started World War III, The Interview is an absurd take on North Korea and Kim Jong Un. Seth Rogen and James Franco are in top form as two bumbling partners in the TV show, Skylark Tonight, that is sent to interview the reclusive dictator, played with aplomb by Randall Park. Admittedly, the film is ludicrous, and it isn’t exactly out of Franco or Rogen’s comfort zones. It is, however, incredibly funny, and portrays a weirdly interesting relationship between the Skylark and Kim Jong Un characters. 

For Fans Of: Stoner Comedy, Fascism, James Franco, Seth Rogen


In honor of the recently aired finale, I thought I’d take time to once again highlight a site favorite, Hannibal. Bryan Fuller’s retelling of the Hannibal mythos is beautiful, unnerving, disgusting, and absolutely unlike anything on TV. The three season run just came to an end, showing the beginnings of Hannibal’s relationship with Will Graham, all the way through Red Dragon. Masterful performances by Mads Mikkelsen and Hugh Dancy as Hannibal Lecter and Will Graham, respectively, will keep you tied to your seat for every episode. The entire cast is excellent, and includes luminaries such as Michael Pitt, Laurence Fisbourne, and a litany of other talented actors. It’s a shame that it was cancelled after three seasons, but Netflix provides you the menu, now you can choose your meal, one bite at a time.

For Fans Of: Psychological Thrillers, The Hannibal Films and Books


What starts as a typical coming of age comedy with Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart as they work together in a dinky theme park, becomes a much more interesting look into relationships and what it means to grow up. Also starring personal favorite Ryan Reynolds, Adventureland continues to be a film that slips through the cracks of the public and is a great little film that warrants watching.

For Fans Of: Jesse Eisneberg, Ryan Reynolds, Coming of Age Films

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