201 Days of ‘The X-Files’ Marathon: Once More Into The Void

Posted in The Screening Room by - July 07, 2015

Now that we are getting a tenth season of the The X-Files, Fox has given us a way to prepare for the future adventures of Mulder and Scully with the 201 Days of The X-Files. The 201 Days of the X-Files is not only a refresher course for fans of the show, but also a great way to watch the show at a pace that will help build the excitement for the new season. I am the resident X-Files fanatic at Kulture Shocked, and personally cannot wait for the show to come back on the air, even if it is terrible, which it hopefully won’t be. If you haven’t had a chance or are a super fan of the show, now is a great time to watch The X-Files. I’m looking forward to following along with the marathon

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