‘Ash Vs Evil Dead’ Trailer: Groovy (For Fucking Real This Time)

Posted in The Screening Room by - July 12, 2015

Anyone dissatisfied with the reboot/ remake of Evil Dead from 2013 can officially quit their crusade of malcontent. An awesome horror film in its own right, the new film didn’t uphold many of the humorous qualities of the originals. The arrival of the first official trailer for Ash Vs Evil Dead, the Starz network original series, will put to rest any concerns long time fans have with the direction Raimi is taking the franchise. 

Bruce Campbell returns as Ash, the one handed chainsaw wielding fearless veteran of the franchise in full force. Over the top gore, genre worship, and one liners are back. Every shot in this trailer is a satisfying throw-back to the beginnings that made the series classic. The initial fly through gnarled trees in a foreboding forest, to blood spraying from the necks of undead hell beasts, to the shotgun blasts, compounded by Ash delivering one-liners worthy of only Campbell, should take any fan of the series on a dopamine release ride they dared not expect. It looks fucking groovy. 

The series premieres on Starz this Halloween.


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