‘Wolfcop’ Review: He’s a Cop and a Wolf

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The first movie I get to review for Monster Movie Month is Wolfcop. It’s a film released in 2014 and currently available on Netflix. I’m glad I got to start the month with a funny one, cause a whole month of these doesn’t seem like something that will be very entertaining. However, Wolfcop is a stand out in the field low budget monster flicks. It was mentioned in a Stream Police in April, so some of our dedicated readers may have already checked it out.

Wolfcop stars Leo Fafard as Lou Garou, an alcoholic deputy in a small town. Through a series of violent and gruesome events, Lou discovers that he’s been turned in to a werewolf, and a particularly strong one at that. It’s discovered that this strength comes from his unusual fondness for booze and donuts. As the film progresses it is revealed that Lou was turned in to a werewolf by a clan of shape shifters that run the town. None of this is ever explained except to say that the shifters need to sacrifice a werewolf at the end of the full moon. It’s an insane plot, but that makes it all the better, because it doesn’t pretend to be anything else.

The visual effects are roughly what you would expect from a low budget film such as this. The film quality isn’t great, the music is all original tunes made by the same small time band, and the blood and gore is clearly corn syrup died red. One notable special effect is the makeup that goes on to Lou when he transforms. The transformation scene is disgusting, grotesque, and hilarious. If I describe it here then it will do a serious disservice to the film when you get around to watching it.

Wolfcop is one great piece of a B grade cinema. It isn’t a critically acclaimed film, and it won’t be winning many awards in the future, but it is exactly what it bills itself as, and that is a rare and valuable thing in modern film. It’s also intensely entertaining and laugh out loud funny. It’s crude, it’s rude, and it is extremely fun.

Final Say: Watch It

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