Execelsior! It’s Kulture Shocked’s Comic-Book Movie Month!

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Comic-book movies weren’t alway the insanely successful, multi-billion dollar property that they are today. Long before The Avengers and The Dark Knight, there was Mystery Men and The Rocketeer. While current lineup of comic book movies boast interconnected story arcs, grittier story-lines, or re-imagined versions of old favorites, the 80s and 90s, and even early 00s offered some interesting take on comic book movies. While some are forgotten in the onslaught of Marvel and DC’s ever-expanding cinematic universe building, these movies are awesome in their own rights, and some even rival the current comic book movies. Join us, won’t you?

Week 1 (2nd)

Saturday: The Phantom

Week 2 (3rd-9th)

Sunday:  Avengers 2 & Mystery Men

Tuesday: League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

Wednesday: Richie Rich and Casper

Thursday: V for Vendetta

Friday: Wanted

Saturday: Catwoman

Week 3 (10th-16th)

Sunday: Steel & Meteor Man

Tuesday: Super

Wednesday: Spawn & Hellboy 2

Thursday: Dredd

Friday: Blade

Saturday: Time Cop

Week 4 (17th-23rd)

Sunday:  The Rocketeer & Scott Pilgrim

Tuesday: Jonah Hex

Wednesday: Elektra & Tank Girl

Thursday: Guardians of the Galaxy

Friday: From Hell

Saturday: The Losers

Week 5 (24th-30th)

Sunday: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Franchise

Tuesday: I, Frankenstein

Wednesday: Watchmen Captain America 1990

Thursday: Road to Perdition

Friday: Man of Steel

Saturday: Toxic Avenger

Week 6 (31st)

Sunday: Constantine & Dylan Dog: Dark of Night


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