Dragon Ball Chou Announced

Posted in The Screening Room by - April 29, 2015

Set immediately after Majin Buu’s defeat at the hands of series hero, Goku,  Dragon Ball Chou (Super) picks up where “Z” left off, a return nearly two decades in the making. Japanese entertainment site, Famitsu is reporting that series creator Akira Toriyama will return to the helm for the new series’ narrative. 

In terms of canon, the timeline conflicts with the last Dragon Ball series to air, Dragon Ball GT.  That series, a direct sequel to Dragon ball Z has generally been considered a low point in the story by a large portion of the fandom. 

While plot and character details remain scarce, fans won’t have to wait long for the return of the Z fighters.  Dragon Ball Chou is scheduled to air this July in Japan, however, no stateside or English release has been announced. 

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