You Spoke, We Listened: Reader Submission Month

Posted in The Screening Room by - April 01, 2015

Now that last month’s Disaster Movie Marathon is over thankfully, we get to review movies that you selected for us. The list spans every genre imaginable, from cartoons to found-footage to even YouTubers-gone-legit movies. It’s an eclectic list, and we hope you’ll follow along in possibly discovering new favorites and reliving old memories. 

Week 1 (1st-4th)

Wednesday: Stay

Friday: Battlefield Earth

ThursdayThe Imitation Game, The Prestige

Saturday: The Ice Harvest

Week 2 (5th-11th)

Sunday: Change of Habit/Casino Royale

Tuesday: Hector and the Search for Happiness

Wednesday: A Troll in Central Park/Cannibal Holocaust

Thursday: Bronson

Saturday: Cloud Atlas

Week 3 (12th-18st)

Sunday: RocketMan/Apollo 13

Tuesday: The Goonies

Wednesday: Last Action Hero/Commando

Thursday: Puncture

Saturday: Skyfall

Week 4 (19nd-25th)

Sunday:  Samurai Cop/The Shadow

Tuesday: Clockwork Orange

Wednesday: Not Cool/Camp Takota

Thursday: Jobs

Saturday: Sucker Punch

Week 5 (26th-30th)

Sunday: The Hunley/Mambo Kings

Tuesday: FoodFight!

Wedenesday: The Frighteners/The Fifth Element

Thursday: Gladiator


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