The Nightmare is Over: Our Disaster Movie Marathon Roundup

Posted in The Screening Room by - March 31, 2015

Our Disaster Movie Marathon has come to a close, bringing a loss of sanity to those involved along with it. There hasn’t been a month yet that has truly tested our ability to watch films like this month. So, with that in mind, we’ve summed up this last month so that you don’t have to wallow in the amount of dreck that we had to. 

Best Movie: Twister

Twister wins the coveted Best Movie spot in our list due to its smart script, awesome ensemble cast, and Philip Seymour Hoffman acting like a crazy person. There is little that isn’t awesome about Twister, and its totally quotable, along with being another reason why Bill Paxton is a true American treasure. 

Worst Movie: Left Behind

Left Behind is absolutely deserving of the Worst Movie award for this month; it is trash of the highest order. As we mentioned in the podcast, this movie is heavy-handed on the Christian themes along with being just a total bore to watch. Little happens in the two hour film, and once you’re done watching, you’ll wish you had gotten raptured along with the half of the planet from the film. 

Best Performance: Dennis Hopper in Speed

Dennis Hopper is one of the finest actors of his generation, and he absolutely kills it in Speed. His portrayal of Howard Payne is as close to Hopper playing the Joker as we were ever going to get, which is too bad, since he would have made an amazing Joker. He’s menacing with just the right amount of unhinged, crazed humor to add that extra layer of terror. 

Worst Performance: Nicolas Cage in Left Behind and Knowing

There is a reason Nic Cage shows up twice on this list: he is awful. It seems that Nic Cage cannot turn down a paycheck, no matter the size and regardless of the subject matter. His performance in both Knowing and Left Behind are typical Cage. The man as an actor has no on/off switch when it comes to dramatic performances, which means that he often overreacts to everything on screen and just looks foolish. 

Best Destruction: 2012

2012, while not featuring the best performances or most coherent plot, had some insane destruction. It was essentially every single disaster movie crammed into one, with tidal waves, volcanoes, and even earthquakes. The vast majority of the Earth is destroyed in the film, except for Africa, and the film seems to revel in the destruction. It’s the end all be all of disaster movies. 

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