Spider-Man is a Member of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Now What?

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As we reported last night, Sony and Marvel have finally reached terms on a deal that allows Sony to continue to own and distribute the Spider-Man films while integrating him into the existing Marvel Cinematic Universe. The question remains: what does this mean for the Spider-Man and existing Marvel films?

Andrew Garfield is No Longer Spider-Man: All but confirmed, Andrew Garfield’s foray as Peter Parker is done as the role will likely be recast. While I actually enjoyed his portrayal of the webslinger, it appears Marvel wants to move in a different direction, and the identity of the newest Spider-Man actor will be a hot topic for months to come.

How Will the Origin Be Tackled: Given the fact that Spider-Man is probably the most recognizable hero, worldwide, and we have five films of his already, if we even see his origin, I’d imagine it to be in a quick scene, much like the credit sequence of The Incredible Hulk. Let’s be honest, we do not need another origin film at this point.

Where Will He Debut: Captain America: Civil War seems like a slam dunk way to introduce the character. Spider-Man was a major player in the comic event, and now that Marvel wants to introduce him in a film prior to his solo 2017 outing, the framework appears in place for him to have a significant role in the Iron Man vs. Captain America picture that precedes the third Avengers outing. Another possiblity is that the stinger for Age of Ultron gives us our first glimpse at the character. I wouldn’t bet on it, but it’s definitely something to look out for. 

What Happens to the Sinister Six and Other Spider-Man Film in Production? As reported below, Sinister Six is still going to happen, but it will be delayed.

I am curious to see if the new Spider-Man films will try to integrate the existing mythology developed in the Marc Webb films. Given their isolated framework, it wouldn’t be too difficult to utilize those as the foundation rather than do a full on reboot, but if they do, it would seem that Sinister Six won’t build off of the second Amazing Spider-Man film and would synchronize with the new vision for Spider-Man. As far as the other projects, including the all female team, they’re up in the air, but I’d wager they will never see the light of day. 

Will it Be Miles Morales or Peter Parker? That is a question I am seeing constantly, and while I love Miles Morales, there is no way that Marvel would move away from the bankability of the instantly recognizable Peter Parker for the relatively unknown Miles Morales. Sure, they may introduce him in ADDITION to Peter, way down the line, but put away your Donald Glover Spider-Man outfits. 

How Critical is Spider-Man to the Avengers? I feel confident in saying that Spider-Man will be a major player in the first and second parts of Infinity War. He is a major part of the Avengers in the books, and Marvel didn’t just broker this deal to leave him on the bench. Given that Spider-Man is one of Sony Pictures’ only remaining money makers, they’re going to want to utilize hims as often as they can. 

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