David Tennant to play Purple Man in ‘AKA Jessica Jones’

Posted in The Screening Room by - January 26, 2015

We here at Kulture Shocked are huge Doctor Who fans so anything involving arguably one of the greatest Doctors in the history of the show, David Tennant, is big news for us. Take into account it also involves Marvel who have been wowing us recently with their films and TV shows and you have the perfect mix. Tennant is scheduled to star as Zebediah Killgrave in the Netflix exclusive AKA Jessica Jones, which is set to premiere later this year. 

Zebediah Killgrave, better known as Purple Man, is an enemy of both Jones and Luke Cage and is able to control the actions of ours through a secretion of pheromones. While that might not sound like the most nefarious of super powers, Killgrave is a master manipulator and does some truly horrible things with his powers. I’m excited to see Tennant as a villain for the first time as he does a great job of playing the hero, so hopefully his turn as Killgrave will be as great. 

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