Stream Police: Terrorfying Edition

Posted in The Screening Room by - October 27, 2015

It’s the saddest time of the year for me: October is almost over which means horror movies aren’t in vogue anymore. Well, regardless of the mainstream views on the genre, it’s still my absolute favorite, so here’s to the scary nights and ghouls that wait behind every corner with this final all-horror Stream Police. 


Disregard the last line of the image above, because I know I did. The name M. Night Shyamalan has become a running punchline as of late due to the formulaic, twist-laden nature of his films, and his own poor film choices like Avatar The Last Airbender. However, he didn’t direct Devil, the supremely talent Dowdle Brothers can be thanked for the film’s success and tension. Taking place primarily inside of a mysteriously stopped elevator, Devil focuses on a group of people that are stuck together without, on the surface, discernible reason but soon discover there may be more each of their pasts. 

With a film like Devil, it’s best to say as little as possible about the film and just say, it is totally worth the watch. It has a killer premise, some standout performances, and a great ending. Just ignore the name of Shyamalan and you’ll be fine. 


Let’s be honest this film lives up to the title: sexual innuendos, zombie beavers, and people transforming into the aforementioned zombie beavers. It’s as stupid as it sounds in the best way, and is an enjoyable touch-in-cheek monster movie. Everything about it that seems like it was concocted by two drunk college frat boys which isn’t a bad thing in the execution. 

Hatchet III

We talked about the first film in the trilogy last week on the Kulturecast, but the third one outshines it due to the sheer insanity of the premise. Marybeth ventures back into the swamp to put an end to Victor Crowley once and for all, all the while a SWAT team fights him as well. The film is the worth the watch just to see Derek Mears (Jason from the Friday the 13th reboot) get murdered by Kane Hodder as Victor Crowley. Also, the film is gorier and more violent than its two predecessors which is a feat considering the over the top nature of the previous two.


Two words: vagina dentata. 

Monster Squad

Monster Squad is the equivalent of the Universal Monsters versus kid Ghostbusters, and if that doesn’t sound awesome, then well I’m sorry. The film has garnered a cult following since its release and rightfully so as it is a great example of horror and comedy blended together with expert skill. It also features Tom Noonan as Frankenstein which is a sight to behold since the last time we saw him he was killing families as the Red Dragon. If you’ve never seen it, you’re doing yourself a massive disservice as it is a one of the best genre mashups of the 80s. 

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