Dark Knight 3: Frank Miller / Scott Snyder to Write

Posted in The Screening Room by - December 04, 2014

News is coming out that Frank Miller (Dark Knight Returns, 300, Sin City) is going to pen another Batman graphic novel along with Scott Snyder (New 52 Batman, Swamp Thing) in the near future.

The original Dark Knight Returns is widely regarded as the best Batman story put to pen, but Frank Miller has had a few flops recently. Most notably The Dark Knight Strikes Again and Batman and Robin All Star. But what give me hope that this project will head in the right direction is DC’s decision to get Scott Snyder involved as well.

Snyder, who is writing New 52 Batman, has given us Court of Owls, Death in the Family, and Zero Year. All critically acclaimed stories, backed by excellent monthly sales.

While it’s certainly normal to feel nervous about this situation, due to Miller’s recent history, I feel like Snyder’s involvement negates that, to me, to me at least. Let’s hope this turns out to be more of a passing off the torch situation, from one great Batman writer to another, rather than a cash grab that tarnishes the Dark Knight series any further.

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