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If you can get past the accents, Netflix’s greatest asset might be its library of superb British TV. This week Stream Police brings you some of the best UK comedies Netflix has to offer.


From the minds of Stephen Merchant and Ricky Gervais (The Office), comes a mix of comedy and travel documentary you didn’t know you needed. Merchant and Gervais send their idiot friend Carl Pilkington on trips around the world, doing their best to make his life as miserable as possible. Comedy gold ensues. Carl’s miniscule worldview and lovable oafishness are an endless well of laughs. Each of the three seasons has a different theme (The Seven Wonders, Bucket List and the Marco Polo trail), so the premise never gets stale. It’s great for sporadic watching.  

Good for fans of: The Office (UK), No Reservations/Parts Unknown, wanderlust, xenophobia, broadening worldviews

If it were a Beatle: John Lennon

British Rating: 2.76 Metric Stars (4 American)



The IT Crowd is The Big Bang Theory, if you removed the influence of laugh-sucking vampire Chuck Lorre, and replaced it with Graham Linehan’s absurdist Irish sense of humor. The show follows two lovable IT nerds, their tech-handicapped department head, and their madman womanizing boss. It’s off-the-wall. It’s hilarious. And most importantly, the nerds are part of the jokes, not the butt of them. It’s what an actually show about nerd culture should look like.

Good for fans of: Black Books, Father Ted, Peep Show, actual nerd stuff, closet vampires

If it were a Beatle: George Harrison

British Rating: VII out of VIII Henrys



Brad Pitt is a hitman sent to settle the score after a couple of petty thieves rob a mob poker game. Despite the promising premise and a superb performance by Pitt, the film never delivers. The plot simple plot becomes increasingly convoluted and messy, ending with a heavy-handed commentary on American capitalism. Thankfully it’s short, so I only wasted 97 minutes of my life.

Good for fans of: Brad Pitt, not much else

If it were a Beatle: Pete Best

British Rating: Neville Chamberlain



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