That’s My Opinion: 3 Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

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Podcasts are a fickle thing: there is such a breadth of content that it is hard to slog through all the garbage to find truly worthwhile one. Here are five podcasts that are worth taking an hour or two to listen to each week.


If you’re a fan of True Detective or any procedural cop show, then this podcast is for you. It’s a “single story told week by week” and it’s hosted by Sarah Koenig of This American Life notoriety. It tells the story of her reinvestigation into the murder case of Hae Lee Kim and her struggle to determine if the convicted killer, Hae’s ex-boyfriend Adnan Syed, is actually guilty or if there is more to the story. It’s immediately enthralling and currently the most popular podcast in the United States; it even has its own subreddit devoted to fans trying to solve the case. 

Kumail Nanjiani’s The X-Files Files  

If you’re in between binge watching shows and looking for something new, check out The X-Files. If you’re still on the fence about The X-Files, check out this podcast before you watch the show. It features Kumail Nanjiani who stars on Silicon Valley as he takes on the task of watching every episode of The X-Files again and talking about them with guests. It’s fun to follow along with the podcast and listen to a true fan of the show dissect and riff on the episodes. Kumail also manages to get some pretty awesome guests in Glenn Morgan (former writer on the show), Jack Black, Kevin Smith, and Mark Snow (composer of the music of the show). 

Anything From the SModcast Network

Say what you will about Kevin Smith’s directing but he’s funny as fuck and has parsed his directing talents into a podcast network. The original SModcast is still my favorite; it features Smith and long time friend Scott Mosier riffing on random shit and just being hilarious stoners. If riffing stoners isn’t your style, then check out Fatman on Batman which features Smith talking about everything Batman including the new Batman movie which he has an inside track on thanks to his friendship with Ben Affleck. The final podcast is Jay & Silent Bob Get Old which features Smith and Jason Mewes talking about random shit in their lives and just being Jay and Silent Bob. Smith’s podcast have become more notable since his most recent film Tusk was pitched and created on a SModcast

Bonus Podcast: Kulture Shocked’s Kulturecast

If you’re a fan of movies or everything pop culture, check out our Kulturecast. We release it weekly on Sundays and talk about a movie from our monthly marathon. We also talk about the news from the week and anything else that strikes our fancy. We riff on the good and the bad of movies while trying to stay on topic, check it out. 

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