Five Shows You Should Be Watching

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Every year, new shows come and go, while some of our old favorites end as well (or over two years if you’re AMC). People are constantly looking for things they should be watching, so I have come up with a list of five shows, both new and not so new, that should be on your weekly watch list if they aren’t already.

The Flash: Yes, it’s on the CW, but it’s also kind of awesome. Based in the same universe as the equally awesome Arrow (which you should also watch, if you don’t), The Flash follows our titular hero, Barry Allen, as he learns how to harness his powers and defeat metahumans in Central City. The show, fortunately, lacks much of the melodrama of other CW shows, and unlike many other new shows, has been immediately engaging from the pilot. Aside from the performances by relative newcomers, including Grant Gustin as Barry Allen, the special effects are pretty solid for network TV show. 

Banshee: Maybe the most insane show on television, Banshee has everything from gangsters, Amish society, Russian gangsters, casinos, and Native American reservations on it, all in a small town in Pennsylvania. It’s incredibly graphic, violent, and full of sex. Basically anything you’d want to ever see. The action is tightly choreographed and the story is full of enough twists to stay interesting. The cast is eclectic and features my favorite cross dressing smart-mouth, Job. Cinemax may be more well known for their late night specials than actual content, but this is definitely worth the watch.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: This show definitely had a slow start in season 1, but around the time when it crossed over with Captain America: The Winter Soldier the show kicked into a whole new gear. This season has also continued the success of the late season run of last year, and as a huge comic book nerd, immersing myself in the Marvel Universe weekly is a treat. While definitely not as big as the films, a lot of major threads are picked up on and introduced, so if you dig the Marvel movies, this is almost required watching. Plus, season 1 is now on Netflix!

Brooklyn Nine-Nine: One of the rare comedies to be strong from the pilot, this Andy Samberg led ensemble was created by the same writers of the equally lovable Parks and Recreation and follows the exploits of a NYPD district and their ensuing shenanigans. The entire cast is the main character, which allows many fan favorites, including Andre Braugher and Terry Crews to flex their comedic muscle in a comedy that never fails to leave a smile on my face.

Gotham: Seeing a trend in my viewing habits yet? Anyways, this show has started off relatively well, following the exploits of a young Jim Gordon in a pre-Batman Gotham City. While not the strongest show on a week to week basis, this show is filled with enough easter eggs and intriguing plot to keep you hooked. There’s a bit too much “perp of the week” for my tastes and on the nose references to Batman characters, but it’s got a very unique visual aesthetic and for the most part, the actors do a solid job. The writing could use some work, but that seems to be gradually improving as the series gets its footing.




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