‘The Cobbler’ Trailer: Adam Sandler is Still Here

Posted in The Screening Room by - November 13, 2014

The new trailer for Adam Sandler shoe-fetishist project The Cobbler dropped today. It features Sandler as a cobbler who discovers a magical sewing machine that, once it touches a pair of shoes, allows Sandler to become the shoe’s owner. It is based off the old adage “walk a mile in my shoes” which sounds as bad as it looks. 

I don’t understand why Steve Buscemi let alone a star of the caliber of Dustin Hoffman would have anything to do with this film outside of a paycheck. It looks like a movie that would be better suited for ABC Family or the Hallmark Channel. It is based off the old adage “walk a mile in my shoes” The movie is shaping up to be a train wreck and thankfully it does not have a release date in the United States yet. I can’t wait for them to make a film about a farmer who counts his chickens before they hatch, only to realize the eggs are actually alien eggs which threaten to unleash the apocalypse. It would star Adam Sandler of course, because nothing is below him at this point. 

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