Marvel’s Cinematic Universe Phase 3 Breakdown

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Courtesy of AP

Courtesy of AP

Marvel unveiled their complete Phase 3, Ant-Man is actually the first part of Phase 3 but was introduced quite a while ago. Below is the broken down timeline and what we hope the direction of these films will be.

May 6 2016: Captain America: Civil War – Some would argue the Winter Soldier was the best Marvel film yet, so seeing that Civil War being the premise for the next Captain America film is huge. While the ongoing Bucky saga should be a key point, this is essentially an interim Avengers movie. Robery Downey, Jr. has been confirmed for it, and Chadwick Boseman will be playing Black Panther in his MCU debut. It will be interesting to see how they tackle this story without the Spider-man dynamic as it was so crucial in the comic. It is unfortunate however that one of the largest comic events of the last ten years will be condensed into one film. Although, the Captain America vs. Iron Man premise should tide us over until the Infinity Gauntlet. 

November 4 2016: Doctor Strange – Admittedly, I’ve never been a huge Dr. Strange fan; however, he’s so out there, seeing him on the big screen could be a delight. With Benedict Cumberpatch rumored to be in final talks for the part, this movie will really open the magical and bizarre portions of the Marvel universe that the films have yet to touch upon. This may be the hardest sell for Marvel, but Guardians of the Galaxy is the highest grossing film of 2014. What do I know?

May 5 2017: Guardians of the Galaxy 2 – The sequel to the smash hit of this year. As a major Guardians fan, it seems that the next film will continue the Thanos backstory leading towards the Infinity Gauntlet, while exploring Star-Lord’s parentage (King J-Son alert!). Let’s hope Cosmo and Adam Warlock get some love in the next movie which is likely to be as hilarious and action packed as the first. 

July 28 2017: Thor: Ragnarok – YES! The title alone gets me super excited. Ragnarok being the cycle of death and rebirth in Norse Mythology and also a major Thor storyline, it seems that this film will be exclusively Asgardian in nature. Thor’s background affords a wealth of previously unseen characters on screen that this premise would be a great opportunity to get them on screen.

Nov 3 2017: Black Panther – After his introduction in Civil War, we finally get our first leading minority superhero character on screen since Blade. Wakanda will provide a fresh new setting to follow the adventures of T’Challa, the leader of the fictional African nation that thrives off the near indestructible metal, Vibranium.

May 4 2018: Avengers: Infinity War Part I – Finally! All the Thanos buildup ends here. It seems likely that almost every previous Marvel hero introduced will be involved in fighting the galactic threat that has been teased since the first Avengers film. While I don’t like splitting films in two, as long as the story they tell is grandiose enough to warrant the two film format, it should work out fine. 

July 6 2018: Captain Marvel – Carol Danvers will bring the first female led Marvel film to the big screen. It will be interesting to see if she links up with the Guardians of the Galaxy like the current comic run.

Nov 2 2018: Inhumans – Since Marvel doesn’t own the X-Men movie rights, they seem to be doing the next best thing: making the Inhumans their onscreen version of X-Men. While having a massively bizarre back story (mists on the moon giving a secret society powers), the uniqueness of the premise has me open to see where this goes.


May 3 2019: Avengers: Infinity War Part II – The massive conclusion to over a decade’s worth of films. I have no clue where Marvel goes after the Thanos threat is dealt with, but this will probably be the biggest Marvel film ever.


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