‘The Houses October Built’ Review: And To Think I Liked Haunted Houses…

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There’s no fucking chance I go to a haunted house ever again. Even worse, I’ve actually been to one of the haunted houses in this film, the Haunt House, which adds fuel to the  fire. The Houses October Built does for haunted houses what Jaws did for swimming in the ocean. I’m serious when I say that I have no interest in ever going to a haunted house again for the rest of my life. I don’t scare easily (at least I don’t think I do but I’m sure two of my Columbia, MO compatriots would disagree) but this movie was pretty damn scary even for a “found footage” film. 

I liked the characters in Houses even if I found them immensely fucking stupid. Why in the blue blazes would you continue to pursue a bizarrre underground haunted house after being followed by haunted house folk? Common sense would prevail in my mind in a situation like that but I may have more common sense than the characters in this film. I can relate to them and they aren’t just the cookie cutter trash that fills modern horror movies so often. I didn’t want to see any of them in peril or not make it out alive, I was invested in them.

This film was pretty damn scary though. Found footage has been played out as a genre but Houses is scary because it touches on a common theme: haunted houses. Haunted houses consist of manufactured scares but what if the actors inside can’t stop being monsters, then its really scary. Touching on a common theme of going to a haunted house helps intensify the horror of the film. I’ve actually had the “what if a killer worked in the haunted house” conversation with a friend and it is a truly terrifying prospect to think about. Houses makes good on that idea and cranks it up to the highest possible factor which makes it scary as fuck. 

The only part of Houses that is disappointing is the ending which is open-ended in a way. It leaves some interpretation but is also cops out in going on the way on the idea that is introduced in the last third of the film. Its too bad that the directors swung for the fence and missed but at least they swung. 

The Houses October Built is a scary film that anyone who has gone to a haunted house should watch as it’ll make you question your choice to frequent haunted houses. It prominently features a couple haunted houses from the Texas woodlands which is a huge plus as well. I’ve been to the Haunt House in Caddo Mills and guess what, I’m never fucking going again after watching this movie. Major props to a film for featuring the state of Texas so heavily as well since there is such a preponderance of  amazing haunted houses in Texas. Houses does something interesting with the found footage genre as well as adding in real world to the mix. I enjoyed it but it also disturbed and scared me so good on it.

Final Say: Watch It

Who Said What?

Bobby: “What the fuck do you mean backwater?”

Author’s Note: Yeah yeah yeah, I know I didn’t review Don’t Look Now, it’s a good film but honestly it isn’t a true horror film and I wanted to watch something more in tune with modern horror.

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