‘Henry Portrait of a Serial Killer’ Review: Don’t Watch This Film

Posted in The Screening Room by - October 13, 2014

I don’t want to review Henry Portrait of a Serial Killer because I don’t want you to watch it. I’m being honest because rarely ever is there a film that upsets me. I’ve seen A Serbian Film mind you and I think this movie is more fucked up than that. Henry is so messed up because it feels real similar to Texas Chain Saw Massacre. I can deal with TCM but Henry is just too much. Michael Rooker is so convincing as a serial killer that I’m pretty sure he is in real life, no offense Mr. Rooker but you scare me. His compatriot Otis in the film is a disgusting human being as well, nothing more should be said about him period. Don’t watch this film, it isn’t worth your time, its deplorable, misogynistic, and graphic. Fuck this movie though I’m glad I watched it so you didn’t have to.   

Final Say: Skip It

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