“Annie Grab Your Birthday Gun”: Red Trigger Review

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“Annie Grab Your Birthday Gun”: Red Trigger Review

Red Trigger is an FPS in which you play an FPS type game but with puzzle elements.  The level design is likened to something you would see out of Portal. Whatever planet Red Trigger takes place on has a moon. As you turn around once more, it greets you with a led type palate.  A gray robotic arm outstretched gives way to a polygonal-type gun. This is Red Trigger where creativity never lacks.  Just refrain from the Pokémon reference and move along.  The first room encountered deals with two red buttons that jut from the walls. What will you do? What are you supposed to do?  A big synth plays in the background as you learn the tutorial of the game.  Futuristic or just plain dystopic the feel is very angelic. As if the creator of Red Trigger said let’s make this game a variation of puzzles but give the gamer a sense of freedom, but then alas condense this freedom into some heavenly box.  That leads us to our next play.

The mechanics seem easy to understand. See that robot arm with what appears to be a large white phase rifle? Star Trek anyone?  Well, just click the left mouse button to fire the phase rifle. Running out of blue birthday cake candle energy, click the right mouse button to refill the phase rifle.  Hitting Ctrl makes you duck.  Ever seen a birthday candle flicker? Just mucking around I started shooting the wall. Because who doesn’t like to shoot drab gray walls?  So back to the birthday candle. If you light a birthday candle, and it is a trick candle, it will pop off with immense heat, and the color dictates how cool it is. When you shoot walls, it is basically like that except without the scrumptious birthday cake. So the mechanics are fairly solid in their approach. Stuff functions as it should. And by as it should it is meant that it just functions. And it is not stuff but the white phase rifle. Going through specific doors in the game makes distinct sounds. Something like a WHOOM sound, yes something like that.

Made with the Unreal Engine, it shows in the execution of the game. The engine is very well put together, and though the graphics aren’t spectacular, they do not need to be. Red Trigger carries itself on smart gameplay. Just as Portal carried it’s own by using a portal gun so too does Red Trigger with the birthday phase rifle. The puzzles the soul of the game get harder as you press forward. It is evident in the game without giving away spoilers that you’re in something. That something is the unknown, and the game guides you along with an intriguing story. Moving further along in the game you will use Shift to sprint. Just hearkening back to the birthday candle analogy the particle physics are beautiful. Level design should be applauded because of the creativity and the thought that went into the design. A significant example is there is this one level with a red block. There is a pit below you with what appears to be black and yellow speckled lava-hell. The way you get across is you have to literally propel yourself across with the block using you as a catapult ball.

It may not be the sexiest game to look at, but puzzle wise Red Trigger brings a lot to the table. From creative level design and solid gameplay mechanics, Red Trigger can stand tall. With inspiration from games like Talos Principle and Portal, Red Trigger makes its home in the genre. As a free to play title, it is a very formidable FPS puzzle game. Maxime Vezina has crafted a winner.  This game will have memorable moments for all to enjoy.  Where’s your birthday cake gun at? Get one and start shooting huge red blocks.

Final Say: Play it

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