“Charging into Team Shooters!”: Paladins: Champions of the Realm Review

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With people getting so excited about arena based third person shooters, or the easier label to call them–team shooters; Paladins is just another one to crowd the market.  Based on the same type principle as Overwatch it tries to lift itself in the fray.

Selecting a champion like in any other MOBA is what this game has to offer, though let’s not get too hasty as it is a Team Shooter. Hopefully, the words are etched deep in you the gamers’ brain. The announcer booms ‘Select a Champion.’ For the review, casual was selected.  I chose Fernando a very Spanish looking knight. He has the charm of Vega and the smile of Vega?

Paladins focused on natural based third person action combat. Fernando reminded me of Overwatch‘s shield man. What the devil was his name? Shield-man? Ragnarok? Was it German? Aw, yes! It was Reinhardt. You the gamer if you so chose can play as Fernando, the knight on a brown steed. Does that sound right to you?  Fernando has a flamethrower to roast the opposition, yes, like a marshmallow! His Q key offers up an ultimate, and the rest is pretty much like Overwatch. Although the Ultimate is relatively weak and doesn’t do a whole lot, it shoots a ball of fire as opposed to spraying fire. Hitting the F key makes Fernando turn into Sonic the Hedgehog and offers a huge burst of speed. While hitting the Q key is excellent for locking down players against walls.

The gameplay was not stagnant and decently fun as you romp around on a level called Lumber Mill.  Hi-Rez has infused fun in the game as the characters look superb. The graphics are neat with a cartoonish blend mixed in with brilliant lighting. The atmosphere seems to be smart but kiddish but in an excellent way. Ergo, the Lumber Mill was a tight based map and very colorful.

Another element to the game that even in early access –is the innate ability to purchase items like a MOBA. But it is indeed hard to call this a MOBA if you the gamer are defending a payload.  The items are representative of tiers. So something like speed mixed in with max attack. In Team Fortress 2 it was a bomb train looking thing. In Overwatch, it is a bomb train thingy. In Hi -Rez’s Paladins, it is bomb train thing. How many bomb train things do we need? Why not defend a huge sandwich with wheels?

Though only a snippet Paladins borrows a whole large goody bag from Blizzard’s Overwatch. And Overwatch is still the new kid on the block when it comes to team shooters. That is what this would be classified as. Paladins even in early access can offer some new tricks to the genre. It may be one to keep an eye out for because of the gameplay fluidity. Fernando is a fun character just because of the Vega charm from Street Fighter 2.  Though, what direction they take the tier items in is anyone’s guess.  Again, it is in early access so maybe give it some time. But the offering as it stands is just worth the time to dabble in. The music is fairly generic. This will be another game to add to the team shooter market.  My recommendation Fernando the Spaniard on the horse. Jess!

Final Say: Play it!

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